TAG Software

TAG Software is a computer software and hardware consulting company based in Odessa, Ukraine, providing, system analysis, R&D, implementation and support services since 1999.


TAG Software's business objective is to provide technical expertise and customer-oriented support in the fields of top-notch computer technology, information systems design and advanced data analysis.

To accomplish this objective, we:

  • Employ the best technology experts who are also fluent in the business to bring intelligent, customised solutions to our clients.
  • Build long-term partnerships and provide full-cycle solutions in hardware and software integration, complete system installations and deployment, technical training and support, as well as hardware and software maintenance services.
  • Deliver services up to the customers' expectations by thoroughly analyzing their needs and designing systems, which accurately and completely meets specific requirements.
  • Seek to establish long-lasting, trusted relationships with our customers by providing fair guarantees for the products and services we supply.
  • Accept to share our technical expertise and business intelligence with our customers to contribute to their success.

Ultimately, our primary goal is maximising the value delivered to our customers by the means of the entire range of our services.

Contact info

Electronic mail:at@24.odessa.ua
Postal address:Levitana 67/24
Odessa, 65114
Telephone/Fax:+380 (487) 47 123 1
+380 (68) 3 7777 68
+380 (67) 559 18 59

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